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Shamrock Ordnance

Arca Bag Rider (ABR)

Arca Bag Rider (ABR)

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The Shamrock Ordnance Arca Bag Rider (ABR) is a carbon-fiber nylon bag rider plate for all your precision shooting needs. Weighing 7.8oz (220g) and being incredibly strong all the while, the plate lets you adjust on-the-fly for your favorite shooting bag to ride the arca rail attached to your weapon.

Fits all the common shooting bags on the market - Coletac flat bag, trap bag, cuddle bag - The Armageddon Gear mini plate bag and brassiere, and many more.

Options exist for left and right-handed shooters both. Support hand is typically used to make adjustments so as to not break control and firing grip, meaning if you are right-handed, you'll want the knob on the left. Select based on if you are right or left handed.

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