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Shamrock Ordnance

Monarch 7.62

Monarch 7.62

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*Black only at present*

Length: 6.47” without mount
Diameter: 1.75”
Bore: .30 Cal
Finish: Black C-Series Cerakote
Material: Inconel 718
Weight: 20.4 oz without Mount
Barrel length restrictions: 7.5” 5.56 & similar cartridges, 5.5” supersonic
.300blk, 10.5” .308 and similar cartridges, 16” .300 win Mag and larger magnum
Full Auto Rating: Be Conservative and allow for cool down time every 270
rounds. Belt Fed rating will be tested in the future

Design Highlights
-”PFM” baffle technology (Preferential Flow Management) is incredibly
efficient in both flow regimes while maintaining minimal back pressure
-Venting array helps direct sound away from the shooter and bystanders
behind the muzzle
-Incredible flash suppression for a high flow rate design
-718 inconel allows for heavy abuse and firing schedule
-DMLS manufacturing method allows for design elements not seen in other
-Maintains suppression efficiency even on smaller calibers like 5.56
-Integral DMLS printed flash hider end cap
-Knurling helps with removal/Tightening of suppressor
-1.375x24 HUB threads allows user to run mounting system of their choice
-Ships with a 5/8x24 direct thread adapter

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